Naturally fermented herbal and fruit vinegars

12.04.2023 Naturally fermented herbal and fruit vinegars

A novelty in our offer are cosmetic vinegars, which are produced in the process of fermentation.

For years, vinegars have been used in the treatment and alleviation of many health ailments, slimming and daily skin and hair care.

In our offer you will find high quality naturally fermented herbal and fruit vinegars.



New offer-natural scent neutralizer DeoFerment

16.03.2023 New offer-natural scent neutralizer DeoFerment

The natural scent neutralizer DeoFerment is created in the process of green tea fermentationusing symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast.

Our product is a mixture of organic acids, enzymes and polyphenols which, in contact with molecules of compounds responsible for unpleasant odors, act as a biocatalyst, neutralizing a wide range of unpleasant odors.

The effectiveness of DeoFerment has been confirmed by relevant studies. DeoFerment has many applications, from body hygiene, baby and animal care to household chemicals.

Botanical extracts without preservatives

23.01.2023 Botanical extracts without preservatives

In response to the expectations of cosmetics manufacturers and their customers, we have developed our own unique extraction method, thanks to which we can create water-soluble plant extracts without preservatives, rich in vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, sugars, organic acids, amino acids, proteins and other valuable molecules.
For their production, we use carefully selected botanical material such as flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds, roots, bark and whole plants, obtained from renewable and ecological crops.
Our offer includes over 300 different species of plants, from which we can produce valuable extracts that allow you to create beautiful, fully natural, effective and reliable cosmetic, pharmaceutical and household chemistry products.
                                                               To check the availability of the botanical extract materials you are looking for please read the brochure.


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