Fermentation is one of the oldest methods of processing plants using bacteria and yeast. Fascinated by this topic, in 2018 we launched a separate R&D department in our company dedicated to fermentation technology. For many months, by trial and error, we worked on our own methods of obtaining botanical extracts based on traditional fermentation methods known around the world.

Today, our Fermentation Center is a unique place where science meets tradition, passion and intuition. Thanks to our knowledge, experience and determination, we are able to ferment almost any plant and obtain a rich fermented extract from it.

We are proud to offer you our fermented extracts. These are unique products created by "good, healthy and happy" bacteria.

Types of our ferments:

Wild Ferments - Ferments created by spontaneous plant fermentation. This is the most fascinating and oldest fermentation technology. For wild fermentation we use carefully selected plants from organic cultivation. For fermentation we use microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) naturally present on the plants. Wild fermentation produces unique extracts with sophisticated qualities and properties.

Kombucha - a drink originating from Asia, known for thousands of years as the "elixir of youth". It is a decoction of green tea fermented with the help of symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast. It is rich in vitamins (vitamin C, B vitamins), antioxidants, natural organic acids such as lactic acid, acetic acid, gluconic acid, polyphenols and minerals. Due to its properties, Kombucha can be used in skin care, hair care and other applications. Using selected microorganisms for Kombucha fermentation, we can ferment any plant and obtain from it a ferment with unique properties.


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