We are a manufacturer and supplier of high quality botanical extracts to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and household chemical industries. We have developed our own unique extraction method that allows us to produce water-soluble plant extracts without preservatives. For their production we use carefully selected botanical material such as flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds, roots, bark and whole plants.

We offer more than 300 different plant species, from which we can obtain extracts. Our extracts meet all major standards and requirements for such ingredients. They are suitable for vegans, non-GMO, with a natural index of 1 according to ISO 16128.

Feel free to contact us in order to check the availability of the botanical extracts you are looking for.


Mirarosa Cosmetics Sp z o.o
Mochnaczka Niżna 42A
33-380 Krynica Zdrój

Tel. (18) 472 33 22
mail: biuro@mirarosa.com

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