Natural scent neutralizer

The DeoFerment - natural scent neutralizer is created in the process of natural fermentation of green tea using symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast. It is a mixture of organic acids, enzymes and polyphenols that neutralize a wide range of unpleasant odors.

In contact with molecules of compounds responsible for unpleasant odors, DeoFerment acts as a biocatalyst, causing their immediate bioconversion into odorless forms. Molecules of natural organic acids and polyphenols bind with volatile odor molecules and their odorless salts are formed.


• Reduces a wide spectrum of odors:
perspiration, urine and human waste, vomit, cigarette smoke, mildew, pets and many others
• Effective in various applications
• Natural, mild and non-toxic
• Environmentally friendly, biodegradable
• Safe and effective
• Suitable for vegans


• Deodorants
• Intimate hygiene
• Hair care
• Foot and hand care
• Liquid and bar soaps
• Shower gels
• Wet wipes
• Air fresheners
• Household chemicals
• Animal care

Technical information:

• INCI: Saccharomyces/Xylinum/Green Tea Ferment
• Transparent liquid soluble in water
• Delicate, characteristic fragrance
• Effective over a wide pH range.
• Recommended usage level: 0.5÷10%
• Does not contain allergens
• Compatible with most cosmetic ingredients

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